Particularly Advantageous

There’s just something about today that screams “opportunity!” Maybe it’s the nice weather, or the fact that I’m working in a different store today because I was pegged as someone “that could inspire and uplift” the team there. Maybe it’s because I had all of my pressing issues completed this morning, or that I got some lovely emails from my new MoreLoveLetters team. I don’t know if I told you, but this summer has been filled with trials. I made the decision to take a year off of school when I realized that my health was finally impacting my ability to perform well in class. It was a very difficult decision that spurred a lot of sudden changes in my life. I had to move off of campus, quit my job as a Resident Advisor for the university, find a new apartment, and secure a job to stay afloat; all in the matter of about a week. At the same time, I had to battle with myself to stay above the lurking thoughts “Maybe I’m just not good enough” and “Maybe I should just quit. This is it.” About two months later, I’m happy with my decisions, and I feel that the universe has been sending positive energy in my direction. For once, I feel okay.

The World Needs More Love Letters came about in that transition for me. I always offer to write letters to friends, no matter how far they are, how busy, or how little I know them. “If you send me your address, you will receive letters.” I always hold myself to that promise. A friend and fellow Resident Advisor sent me the link to and told me to check it out. As soon as I read the mission, I knew that I had to be a part of it. I then applied for a position as a Letter Writer, which puts me on a team of lovely people that are charged with the mission of writing letters fit to specific requests each month, plus other things. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the team, and it seems that perhaps another door with the organization is now opening for me. I couldn’t be happier. By chance that a friend noticed my love for writing and inspiring, I found an organization that I love, and want to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to. It came at a time where I really needed to feel like I was enough, that I wasn’t giving up on myself or others. It’s perfect. “A Cinderella fit” as Hannah, the creator of MLL, often says. It’s a Cinderella fit for me.

Since I’ll be in a store that sees more irregular traffic, I’ll be bringing my pens and papers to work to pen some love letters to drop around the town. It’s around a lot of student alcoves, and it just happens to be Midterms for many students in the area, so hopefully some people will find some much needed encouragement. I’m excited to meet the other baristas and see what I can do to make their experience with each other and the company much more pleasant.

I’m so ready for today.



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