Advantageous Aftermath

I feel famous.

Not only am I asked “Do you know that you look like Drew Barrymore?” at least once daily (more so now that I have a lighter hair color), but I have regulars that recognize the slightest things that I change about myself, and will come up to talk to me on the streets outside of work. I was at another store today, about 20 minutes away from my home store, and one of my regulars pulled through my drive thru. “Hey, why aren’t you at your store?” I was picking up a shift at this store; they needed help. “Did you change your hair? I like your new lipstick color. See you tomorrow!” It’s nice being recognized, and having people feel like they can talk to me. I don’t know how many people/baristas I have met that, while they are fine at what they do, I would not like to have a personal conversation with them. I’m flattered that I 1. Have regulars, 2. Have regulars that like me, 3. Am recognized as a friendly person.

Adventures at the other store went well. I walked in on a quiet, unwelcoming environment and came out laughing, dancing, and singing through the drive thru headsets. Whoever says that food industry workers don’t have dignity have never experienced the joys of in-store headsets. They are adult walkie talkies, and all of your friends have them. I made myself at home early on and fell into my regular routine of singing songs that popped into my head, dancing while waiting for drinks or the register to ring, and having small conversations (we call it “connecting”) with the customer. It’s good to know that I can turn a situation around if I need to, and that it will end up for the better. They were all just nice people in a bad situation of neglect and bad management with their spirits worn down and a new hatred for the job. I hope that my working there added a little spark of goodness… and if not quite yet, I’ll be seeing them on Saturday. 🙂

As far as MoreLoveLetters goes, I wrote three more letters to some folks that needed it by special request. I love what I do, and I really hope that whoever reads the letters really loves them. I dip my pen in the ink that is my heartsong, and I’m alright with sharing it with others. Music always goes on, reinventing itself. I don’t think I’ll be changing my tune for a while though; I rather like how catchy I feel.


A good day, filled with love.



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