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TED Talk & Spreading the Love


Check out Hannah Brencher’s TED Talk about the creation of The World Needs More Love Letters  and how handwritten letters are necessary in our techno-fueled society. The voting is over, but you can still leave comments on the talk. Hannah did a wonderful job pouring her heart out into a spoken-word type of format, and it really gets you at the end. If you still need something to push you in the direction of checking it out, watch the TED Talk. 

As I was watching this video, I was thinking about a question that I was asked yesterday on my journey through the craft store: “Who writes the love letters?” I’ve had to think about this until now just because it is such a complex question, really without meaning to be. Who writes the letters?

Everyone writes the love letters. People who stumble upon the site, like myself, write the love letters. People who have never seen a computer, but had the fortune to find one of the hundreds of thousands of letters in circulation right now; they write the letters. Best friends of the broken hearted, broken spirited, physically, emotionally broken; they write the letters. People who know people who know about the site or have had friends find the letters end up writing letters. Ramen-fueled, late-night collegiates write the letters. Stay-at-home moms and busy, working moms write letters. Managers at department stores, and coffee shop frequenters write the letters. People who wear their heart on their sleeves, and people that aren’t sure that they have any heart left; they write the letters. Those who spend sleepless nights composing would-be conversations and letters to others in their heads as the hours pull away; they write the letters. Maybe, someday, you’ll find yourself writing letters across the world to someone you haven’t met, just because you know they need it. We write letters to our families, friends, bosses, and coworkers each day. Put one aside that is purely feel-good, no business or strings attached, but unlimited warm-fuzzies included. Send them to hannah@moreloveletters.com and she’ll find someone in need of your letter.

Everyone writes the love letters.



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